Heavenly soul

She was born admist the chaos, with a pure heart and an angelic soul. There was a time when she could proudly say that her soul is honest and loyalty runs in her veins. But not now.

She has fallen prey to the demons of this world. A beautiful trap laid down by them to capture angelic souls. She fell in such a trap. A trap that caught her honesty, a trap that made her lie to her loved ones, a trap that made her cheat an innocent heart.

There was nothing she could do. It was no longer in her hands to get out of this trap, this cage made of emotions and lies. She knew she had made a mistake, a mistake of believing the wrong person that cost her her purity. But she was as innocent as a child, far away from the falsehood and crafty intelligence of this world. There was no possibility that she could have evaded this cage.

But even if it was a terrible mistake, she is willing to make it again. Even if she lost everything owing to that one person, she is willing to lose it all again on the battlefield of love. Even if those demons took away her wings, they were not able to shatter her will. That’s how heavenly she was, that’s how heavenly she is.